Aztec symbols

aztec symbols

Cristina Prados Garcia hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Du suchst nach perfekten Artikeln für aztec symbols? Stöbere auf Etsy, um einzigartige handgefertigte Artikel in Zusammenhang mit aztec symbols direkt bei . The meaning of this Aztec symbol was power, strength and courage. These attributes were attached to eagles due to their amazing flying skills, large size and.

A snake may represent a ruler, such as Itzcoatl. Learn more about the symbols of the Aztec alphabet here.

This giant representation of a calendar is not just one symbol but a collection of them, which would have been very familiar. It was very important to know, for example, what symbols were connected to the birth of a new baby.

The signs on the stone actually represent gods. For example, the rabbit tochtli represented Mayahuel , the goddess of fertility.

The flower xochitl represents Huehuecoyotl , the god of storytelling and dance. The numbers on the calendar also represent gods. For example, the number 7 represents Centeotl the god of maize corn.

Here's a great overview of all the Aztec symbols on the calendar. Here's a basic summary of how the Aztec calendar works. These symbols were a basis for a rich tradition of art, which we won't get into here.

Here's a summary of Aztec art. Another defining form in the empire were masks , also rich in symbolism. Aztec symbols were everywhere, big and small.

You can actually find symbols in pretty surprising places. It is believed, for example, that many Aztec temples represented mountains or sacred hills.

The famous Aztec ball game, ullamaliztli , represented the battle between day and night, and important religious concept that drove the battles and sacrifices in the empire.

Warriors would wear clothes representing the group they belonged to, such as eagle or jaguar. As the eagle rises to swoop down on its prey, so does the sun; it rises and then swoops down and finally disappear.

The eagle symbolized the largest bird, which was fearless, powerful and brave and so were the bravest men.

This bird was a symbol of warriors. Chocolate was considered an aphrodisiac and symbolizes sensuality and decadence. It was the drink of the elite.

For the Aztecs and the Mayan people, it was holy. The Aztecs used cocoa beans as a means of payment and drinking chocolate was reserved for the elite.

It was symbol of political and social symbol for the empire. It was symbol of nobility and economic symbol in society. Drinking of chocolate signified ones wealth and status.

In the day calendar of the ancient civilizations of Central America the dog in Aztec, itzcuintli is the 10th day sign.

The dogs in ancient Mexico, were buried along with the dead as sacrifices to them and as guides for the afterlife because they could take the dead across the "ninefold river" to the underworld.

Boys born under the sign of the dog were believed to be predestined to rule and to distribute prized gifts. The god Xolotl "twin" , depicted as a dog-headed man, was associated with the sunset and would guard the Sun as it traveled through the underworld every night.

The Aztecs feared the owl and believed it was a bringer of death. It symbolized a demonic night creature represented dark shamanic forces.

It appeared suddenly in the darkness and was always an evil omen. Even today, this bird is believed to be a bad omen.

Interestingly, in the pre-Aztec civilization of ancient Mexico Teotihuacan , the owl was the sacred animal of the rain-god.

Additionally, if the total number of data bits available in the symbol is not a multiple of the codeword size, the data string is prefixed with an appropriate number of 0 bits to occupy the extra space.

These bits are not included in the check word computation. Both the mode word, and the data, must have check words appended to fill out the available space.

Note that check words are not subject to bit stuffing, and may be all-zero or all-one. Thus, it is not possible to detect erasure of a check word.

A full Aztec code symbol has, in addition to the core, a "reference grid" of alternating black and white pixels occupying every 16th row and column.

These known pixels allow a reader to maintain alignment with the pixel grid over large symbols. The pattern continues indefinitely outward, with pixel blocks of data separated by rows and columns of the reference grid.

The mode message begins at the top-left corner of the core, and wraps around it clockwise in a 1-bit thick layer.

It begins with the most significant bit of the number of layers, and ends with the check words. For a compact Aztec code, it broken into four 7-bit pieces to leave room for the orientation marks.

For a full Aztec code, it is broken into four bit pieces, and those pieces are each divided in half by the reference grid.

In some cases, the total capacity of the matrix does not divide evenly by full code words. In such cases the main message is padded with 0 bits in the beginning.

These bits are not included in the check word calculation and should be skipped during decoding. Since code words are six bits, this gives 17 code words and two extra bits.

Two zero bits are prepended to the message as padding and must be skipped during decoding. The padded main message begins at the outer top-left of the entire symbol, and spirals around it counterclockwise in a 2-bit thick layer, ending directly above the top-left corner of the core.

This places the bit-stuffed data words, for which erasures can be detected, in the outermost layers of the symbol, which is most prone to erasures.

The check words are stored closer to the core. The last check word ends just above the top left corner of the bull's eye. With the core in its standard orientation, the first bit of the first data word is placed in the upper-left corner, with additional bits placed in a 2-bit-wide column left-to-right and top-to-bottom.

This continues until 2 rows from the bottom of the symbol when the pattern rotates 90 degrees counterclockwise, and continues in a 2-bit high row, bottom-to-top and left-to-right.

After 4 equal-sized quarter layers, the spiral continues with the top-left corner of the next-inner layer, finally ending one pixel above the top-left corner of the core.

Several airlines send Aztec Codes to passengers' mobile phones to act as boarding passes. These are often integrated with apps on passengers' phones, including Apple Wallet.

The Aztec code is scanned by a handheld scanner by on-train staff or at the turnstile to validate the ticket. Works are underway to enable car insurance companies to automatically fill in the relevant information based on digital photographs of the document as the first step of closing a new insurance contract.

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Aztec symbols -

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